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INTRO: For this project, I intend to create 4 animation sequences. Each sequence will consist of an idle, powerup, release and recovery animation. My animation idea will involve a rigged character performing 4 animation sequences. The model is from the Activation Blizzard game Overwatch. The model will contain a skeleton rig, mesh and textures. I will be required to rig the model with my own set of controllers using Maya 2017’s character QuickRig. I will also have to setup the model to be rendered with Arnold to give a nice look once rendered.   

OUTRO: Now that everything was complete, it was time to conclude my work. I believe my pre-production work is good enough to tell people about my animation, without having to even look at the actual animation video. This is the desired effect I am to achieve. I think I could improve with being more detailed in certain areas, but I hope whatever I’ve done so far will suffice. If we had more time, then I believe I could improve my animations much more.  Its now time to start concluding my work. During the pre-production stages, I had to work out what type of animation I would do for my character. I believe that I had enough inspiration to reflect my characters personality through animation.   After working out the personality of my character, I had to then figure out how I would convey messages, through effective cinematography techniques. This meant figuring out what camera angles would work best, what tone of lighting should be used, how I should position the camera and so on.   Next was completing the storyboard. When it comes to drawing, it is not one of my best areas of creating work. I thought it would be quicker and much more efficient if I created my storyboard using my rig. That way, I could have the blocking stages complete and my storyboard, as I knew what my animation was going to be like. Although it is usually better to have things down on paper, this is something I still try to improve on.    Now that I have my animations completed, rendered out and fully processed, I am very happy with the end result. Although there are some elements I wish I could improve, I am still pleased with the overall result. I think if I were to do this again, I would be much better at animating this model or even another. I believe that I have been successful in implementing many of the principles of animation, but I could have benefited from adding more.  

Release Animation:  https://sketchfab.com/models/359e1477c3e8417398b6e20141bd77d4


SaifAhmedMunawar_Reinhardt.zip 260 MB

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